Al Nibras Complex for Care and Development

The Al Nibras Complex is located in the Bekaa valley, on the edge of the village of Kherbet Ruha, in the Jorn Nahas plain and the vicinity of a number of villages, such as Mdukha, Ayn Arab and Al Rafeed. It covers an area of 100,000 square meters of which 70,000 are devoted to agriculture.
At the time of its edification in 2002, the Complex was limited to the internal and half-day care, and the agricultural works structure was added in 2005.

The Complex and its relation with its environment:
Due to the fact that most of its working team members come from the neighbourhood, the Complex maintains tight and warm links with its environment. Furthermore, on the basis of its humanitarian commitment, the Complex provides care and support to the most disadvantaged populations, such as orphans, people with no families and people with disabilities, and attracts therefore, May Allah be Thanked for It, pupils and students as well as voluntary workers.

I.    Services provided by Al Nibras Social Institution:
1.    Internal Care:this service has been created in 2002 for numerous families’ children who are in difficult situations, orphans, disfavoured, weakened, suffering from unstable families, etc. It provides them with free learning, medical care and balanced and heathy nutrition through a dedicated and specialised team of instructors and educators.
The Complex accomodates almost 230 girls and boys, under the supervision of female and male instructors.
The beneficiaries attend the region’s public schools, which helped regenerate the sector after a school population declining period.

2.    Day care:
a.    Extra-academic teaching
This program is designed to cater for young people with learning challenges, including over ten-year old illiterates, and strives to make them restore their capacities, or to direct them to professional training programs. It is to be noted that at the end of this program, some children succeed in resuming the normal schooling cycle.

b.    Mental development of people with disabilities
Launched three years ago, this service treats light disabilities cases, such as mild autism, light physical disabilities and mental retardation, through dedicated programs aiming at strengthening natural capacities and developing them in accordance with the mental and physical faculties, with a view to the beneficiaries’ integration into their environment.

c.    Habilitation and professional training
- Mechanics
- Car electricity
- Aluminium
This program concerns out-of-school youth and aims at providing them with a theoretical and practical training in the mechanical engineering industry.
Once they have completed their training, the beneficiaries are able to integrate within the community as economic players and producers.

3.    Beauty care for women:
This service, specially designed for less than 18 year-ol girls who have had no opportunity to pursue their studies, takes the form of training and work practices sessions provided by a specialised female educator with a view to teach the beneficiaries cosmetics and beauty treatments for women.

4.    Health and auxiliary care:
The Complex includes a medical office which features general practice, pediatrics, ophtalmology and dermatology as well as dental treatment provided by the healthcare providers and volunteer doctors.
Auxiliary services such as speech therapy and counselling sessions given by psychologists and social workers to solve difficult cases, are also provided.

II.    Benefits supplied by Al Nibras Professional Institution:
Al Nibras Professional Institution provides a program that is the only one of its kind within the Social Welfare Institutions (SWI). It aims at training out-of-school over 12 year-old children in farm labour according to modern procedures.
Al-Nibras Professional Institution started its work at the same time as Al Nibras Social Institution. Between 2002 and 2009, it trained 120 young apprentices, of which some found a job in the agricultural field with local companies that keep close contacts with the Institution.
At the present time, Al Nibras Professional Institution organises encounters with important agricultural companies’ managers and specialists, in order to address the farmers’ questions and issues and raise their awareness regarding farming good management standards.
Lastly, the Institution raises cattle and poultry with a view to train its beneficiaries and to produce red and white meat.