Vision, Mission, Values and Goals

A philanthropist and harmonious society based on the principles of equal rights for men and women, for all the citizens of our homeland, Lebanon. 
We are committed to implement the social rights of people with disabilities and/or ostracised, by means of enhancing their abilities and providing them with exhaustive social support, in order to allow them to become active and effective citizens within their communities.



Partnership: we work jointly with people and public and private institutions and associations, with the aim of promoting the common good. 
Integrity: we strive to maintain accuracy and transparency on the financial and relationship standpoints.
Volunteerism: we foster charitable work in order to build a responsible and supportive society.
Citizenry: we strive to implant patriotic values and the principles of citizens’ rights and obligations.
Pluralism: we support a culture of openness and the right to be different.
Culture of benevolence: we uphold philanthropic and welfare initiatives and actions.
Quest for excellence: we seek to apply the most advanced quality standards. 
The willingness to provide bliss and happiness to all the members of the social community. 
Open-mindedness: we keep pace with social changes and improvements.
1 – Social rights enforcement
2 – Exhaustive social assistance
3 – Skills development
4 – Social progress