Institution Bawabat Al Ouzaï Al Khayriya || Foundation Cheikh Tawfic El Hibri

Since its establishment in 2002, the Bawabat Al Uzaï Al Khayriya Institution accomodates 285 orphans and children (boys and girls) younger than 12 year-old who are in a difficult situation, of which 200 are in internal care and 85 attend day-care programs.

The institution is located at the south entry of Beirut and bears the name of the great Imam «Abdel Rahman Al Uzaï» most famous for having instituted peaceful religious coexistence in Lebanon. The Centre located on its premisses has been named «Cheikh Mohamad Tawfic El Hibri» at the request of late Ibrahim El Hibri, one of our great benefactors and ex-member of the Board.

Bawabat Al Uzaï Al Khayriya offers a number of training programs in vocational specialties such as aluminium industry and sanitary plumbing.