Al Mujad Humanitarian Institution || Adnan and Adel Al Kassar Hall

Al Mujad professional training centre has been created in 1994 thanks to the generous funding of the brothers Adnan and Adel Al Kassar, and has since been named Adnan and Adel Al Kassar Hall in tribute to their bounty and generosity.

Al Mujad offers four training programs:

-    Working Mothers’ Children Care Services
-    Extra-curricular training for the young people who drop out from schools
-    Vocational training for young girls providing the following apprenticeships:

    o    Elementary professional level: ladies hairdressing, computer typing, flowers and plants arranging, hotel management  school
    o    Complementary professional level: childminder training

Following the 19 February 2014 bomb explosion which occurred in Bir el Hassan in front of Al Mujad and generated considerable destruction and damages in the building structure, the school classes and the equipments, the brothers Al Kassar funded the rehabilitation of the construction and the extension of the Centre, which allowed Al Mujad to double its space and accomodate 600 beneficiaries instead of 350.