Al Khayrat Centre for Social Support

Al Khayrat Centre for Social Support has been established in 1991 in the neighbourhood of Musaytbeh owing to its proximity to all the Social Welfare Institutions centres, and in order to ease the benefactors’ access.

Al Khayrat building consists of three basment and covers an area of 7,500 square meters. It includes the administration and social workers offices, the storage warehouses comprising all the necessary products for the Institutions proper functioning such as food, cereals, meat and other edible products fridges, school supplies, etc., in storage and preservation conditions consistent with international standards.

Al Khayrat provides help and support to the most needy and deprived families by regularly distributing to almost 2,000 families aid parcels containing clothes and food. These families are selected according to social investigations led by family visitors under the direction of the needs polarisation office, in order to check the destitution situation, the material deficiencies, the inability to meet the basic needs and the concerned people’s age.

Al Khayrat centre goals:
- To provide help and support to the most needy and deprived families.
- To receive, manage, and distribute material donations.
- To support the beneficiaries.
- To manage a central Institutions directorate in charge with goods purchase, reception, provision, storage and delivery in accordance with the required standards and the Beirut located centres and their regional divisions requirements.

Al Khayrat centre hosts the following executive bodies:
- Facilities and buildings department.
- Purchasing department.
- Maintenance department.
- Transport department.

Warehouses department, including the following sections:
- School supplies
- Clothes, home textiles, fabrics and sewing materials
- Household products
- Food (meat, cereals, spices, fruits and vegetables, dairy products)
- Maintenance
- Furniture