Al Maw’el Institution

Al Maw’el Institution was founded in 2000 in the district of Tarik Jdeedeh with the purpose to provide care to the working mothers’ children. It offers 24 hours a day services and accomodates 30 child in internal care and a120 child in the day-care department. 

Internal care section:
1)    Designed for orphans and children with social or financial difficulties within their families to provide them with safe and protective environment which fully answers their needs ( Educationfood, clothing, recreational and cultural activities).

Day-care section:
This section accomodates 45 day-old to 4 year-old children and provides them with the following care services:
1.    Educational games aiming at mental development, enhance sensory and cognitive capacities, social and psychological preparation to school entry, medical surveillance under the supervision of a pediatrician and a specialised nurse, intertainment such as theatre and other external activities.