Al Omr Al Madeed – Social Housing || Wafik Al Kassar and Chafika Diab Foundation

Establishment of the Al Omr al-Madeed Foundation for Valid Elderly People

The SWI set up Al Omr al-Madeed to provide care and assistance to third age people. It is to be noted that the elderly sector was the fifth sector to be covered by the Institutions and Al Omr al-Madeed the first sector foundation to be set up. On the basis of their global view of the society and their mission in the social development, the SWI are keen on serving the interests of valid elderly people who are still participating in the social development while meeting their own needs, through the two following specialised foundations: 
    1.    Al Omr al-Madeed recreational centre and club founded in 1986
    2.    Al Omr al-Madeed social housing created in 1992

Al Omr al-Madeed four care services:
    - Daily care in Al Omr al-Madeed Club
    - Internal care (social housing)
    - Semi-internal care (social housing)
    - Home-based care within the elderly family environment

Main goals:
    - Provide global care to valid senior citizens
    - Transmit the elderly’s experience to the next generations
    - Provide the required assistance and preserve the elderly’s dignity with their environment and within the community
    - Inform the elderly on their rights and prerogatives and preserve their constructive social role
    - Promote the third age people rights within the society

•    Al Omr al-Madeed Elderly Home Social Housing
Internal care through the following services:
    - Comprehensive primary daily health care
    - Supportive and welcoming environment
    - Medical, nursing, cultural and recreational services
    - Family mediation and social programs

Provides the elderly with all his/her needs and offers a number of the club and social housing services such as gymnastics, kinesitherapy and functional therapy services, nursing care and food program monitoring.

At-home care:
Aims at ensuring that the beneficiary remains at home the longest time possible within his/her family and at defering any forthcoming incapacitation.
Provided services:
    - Sanitary and social care
    - Home-administered medical treatments
    - Family mediation