The Institution for the Mental Development || Abdel Hadi Al Debs Foundation

The Institution for the mental development of retarded children has been established in 1975 with a view to provide services to the lightly, moderately and severely retarded children who are fit to receive education, training and rehabilitation. The Institution accomodates 670 beneficiaries under the supervision of 133 specialized monitors and in collaboration with the 200 concerned families.

Registration prerequisites and formalities:

-          Recognition of mental Delay.

-          Provision of the Lebanese Social Affaires Ministry certification thereof.

-          Over 3-years old.

-          Urinary and bowel control.

-          25% to 70% IQ.

-          Training and education abilities.

-          Centre registration test submission.

-          Absence of pathologies and psycho-neurological troubles.


Services provided by the Institution:

Internal services

Day assistance:

Day assistance benefits:

The nursery: hosts 3 to 9 years-old children divided into groups according to their mental age and specific testing. This service enables the children to develop their sensory, motor, cognitive, liguistic and emotional capacities, and their day to day self-sufficience, by participating in activies that foster self-confidence.

Handcraft training: this two-years program is designed for lightly to moderately retarded 10 to 14-years old children, and prepares them to acquire academic training and handcraft competences as a preparation for the next stage of professional training.

Workmanship specialties: artificial flowers, copper, pearls, earthenware, candles, stained-glass, mirror etching, floral arrangement, fabric painting, ceramics, raffia weaving, sewing and embroidery basic principles, housework, tapestry, etc.

The children who are unable to fully integrate the vocational habilitation services carry on with the handcrafted training with a view to preparing them to their future craft under their family’s supervision.


Professional training:

This training applies to 14-years old lightly to moderately children with delay. It is implemented in association with the Mo’assassat ‘Ahd Al Mihaniah vocational centre and provides professional training programs adapted to the specific needs of the children, in accordance with their abilities and wishes. The beneficiaries of this program are alerted to the following principles: working values, cleanliness, crafts diversities, hierarchy respect, tools and equipments security standards, emergency measures, material output management.


Severely retarded services:

This benefit has been designed for older than 10-yearschildren with severe delay and aims at developing their mental and cognitive competences in order to strengthen them and fortify their self-sufficience, such as for example the «Mune Program» (preparation and conservation of winter food supplies).




‘Ahd Al Mihaniah Vocational Centre

The Institutions started preparing the vocational programs in 2002 according to the following stages:

1.    Specialised professional programs preparation: the programs have been selected in accordance with the beneficiaries capacities. In coordination with the company Technics, the monitors have been trained and prepared to the most up-to-date methods and vocational techniques.

The programs have been thus defined and educator guidelines have been published and can be updated with the market upcoming necessities.

2.    The professional trainings provided: carpentry, sewing and embroidery, shoe repairing, accessories workmanship, leather work, chairs manufacturing, weaving, jewellery, stuffing, upholstery and tapestry, soap and broom manufacturing, chocolate decoration, printing and environment-friendly works.

In 2003 the vocational Centre started its activities to respond to the parents’ worries regarding their children’s future.


The programs beneficiaries:

The Institutions centres located in Beirut and its suburbs accomodate for the children with mentaly delay coming from all Lebanese regions in their day and semi-external establishments.


Beneficiaries enrolment conditions:

-          To be older than 13-years old.

-          To have been submitted to a one year vocational preliminary training.

-          To enjoy good physical, mental and neurological health.

-          To go through a transitory period before selecting the appropriate craft.