Ras el Nabeh Centre

Ras el Nabeh Day Care Centre has opened its doors in 1997 to accomodate children with mental dysfonctions issued from all social categories.

The Centre offers a day care designed for 7 years-old to 12 years-old children with the following learning difficulties:
    -    Dyslexia
    -    Dysorthographia
    -    Dyscalculia
    -    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
    -    Memorisation, understanding and/or assimilation disorders
    -    Behaviour and conduct problems
    -    Family and social troubles (affecting the child learning capacities)
Upon registration, children are submitted to specific tests in order to assess and measure their learning level, identify any mental and functional dysfonctions, as well as speech troubles in order to select and apply the appropriate treament to develop the beneficiaries abilities.

The beneficiaries are then assigned to one of the following sections:
    -    First Care
    -    Second Care
    -    Primary Level A
    -    Primary Level B
    -    Complementary Level A
    -    Complementary Level B
The national education program is implemented and adapted to the beneficiaries abilities in the following fields: Arabic language, English language, maths, natural sciences, citizenship, geography, drawing, computer science and religious education.
Other support activities are provided such as directed recreative programs, national, religious, social and environmental occasions celebrations, as well as natural abilities development training, writing abilities enhancement, rights and obligations awareness, social integration and religious education.