Iqlim El-Kharrub Complex for Welfare and Development

The Social Welfare Institutions – Dar Al Aytam Al Islamiya founded in 1994 their first establishment over an area of 8,595 square meters in the city of Ketermaya, in the middle of Ikleem al-Kharrub region.
The Ikleem Al-Kharrub Complex offers a wide range of assistance services to more than 700 beneficiaries of the region and the neighbourhood, including children, young people and families.
The Complex has a team of more than fifty qualified social workers specialised in various complementary fields.

The complex beneficiaries:
- Orphans
- Social cases
- People suffering from particular difficulties
- Infants
- Senior citizens
- Widows and their children

Provided services:
Internal care:
This department aims at protecting and supporting orphans, people with social difficulties and 3 year-old to 18 year-old youth with no support.

Day-care programs:
- Intellectual development of people with mental retardation: this department uses special learning and habilitation programs in order to provide the beneficiaries with various qualifications.
- Education: destined to beneficiaries who have fallen behind in their schooling and have difficulties in reading and writing.
- Professional and handicraft training: offers training programs to provide better work opportunities to the young trainees in various fields such as plumbing, car electricity, aluminium industry, cosmetics for women and hand-crafted domains such as accessories, ceramics, pottery, mirror engraving, etc.
- Working Mothers’ Children Care Services: this service, destined to children from 40 days to 6 year-old, strives to develop their overall capacities and prepare the older children to enter primary school.
- Women empowerment: this program supplies a number of apprenticeship trainings such as cosmetics care for women, sewing and other fields matching the neighbouring needs, with a view to empower women and boost their self-confidence and help them achieve personal and financial self-sufficiency.
- Senior citizens club: hosts valid senior citizens and offers them stimulating activities and programs that put forward their experience, as well as various leisure and sports activities, drawing, outings, and awareness rising regarding health, food, communication and networking issues.

Furthermore, the Complex offers various sanitary services and a functional treatment department.

Provided programs:
- Early intervention program:
This program applies first and foremost to the mothers in order to help them accept and integrate their child’s handicap from birth until he/she is 9 year-old. It povides training programs that will supply the mothers with the capacities to take over their child’s education, through in-house visits, home being the ideal space to tackle children’s problems.

- Al Aman program:
The Social Welfare Institutions have launched the Aman project in 1982 as part of a welfare program answering the growing needs of deprived orphans.
This program provides assistance to the orphan, his/her brothers and sisters inside the family, through material and moral support to the mother and through assistance with the cost of family expenses further to the father and main provider disappearance. It also participates in enhancing the family cohesion in order to secure the rights of the child to a dignified life, education and healthy growth until his/her entrance into adulthood. The Aman family visitors strive to restore the widow’s psychological balance and to enhance her role inside the family and the environment.

- Family Welfare program:
In order to cope with the economical and social conditions deterioration and the rise of food, medical services and schooling prices, the Institutions have, within their possibilities, set up a material welfare program, later entitled «Project of welfare program to families with no earnings and no earnings capacities», to benefit senior widows and widowers and people whose support is sick or unfit or handicaped.
This program relies on a family visitors’ enquiry in order to assess the family situation, needs, age and inability to keep up with financial costs. The families recognised as entitled to assistance will receive benefit on a regular basis.

All year long the Complex receives financial donations and contributions. It organises three supportive « iftars » for women, men and children from the Ikleem al-Kharrub region, whose people are renowned for their high ethical standards, their altruism and their generosity and who contribute by their charity to the Complex surge and development.