Dinniyeh Complex for Care and Development || Al Azm and Al Saade Complex

Since 2007 and during four years, the Complex has carried out its mission from the As Salam hotel, located in the centre of Sir al Dinniyeh town. Later on, the Complex created it own establishement to meet the increase of the regional environment needs.
Nowadays, the Complex provides care to hundreds of orphans, socially underpriviledged and disabled people, through support services aimed at widows and senior citizens. Furthermore, it hosts working mothers’ children within its nurseries, provides professional and empowerment training to women as well as early intervention help and family support to people suffering from disabilities. 

Internal care service:
This service is specially designed for 3 to 13 year-old children who live away from their families due to specific circumstances. The Dinniyeh Complex welcomes them within its social home and strives to make up for the mother and family absences, and provides learning and education with a view to a healthy social integration of the child.

Working Mothers’ Children Care Services:
This care has been conceived in order to protect and educate pre-school children and provide them with a balanced physical, mental and social development.
These nurseries aim at promoting a healthy and balanced growth for the children by means of awareness rising activies and programs to promote a safe and environment-friendly behaviour.

Mental development for people with difficulties:
The Dinniyeh Complex aims at developing the mental and physical abilities as well as the self-sufficiency capabilities of children and of 3 to 20-year old people suffering from light or medium mental disabilities, in order to promote their social integration. For this purpose, tailored programs and facilities are implemented by a homogeneous team of social workers and specialised professionals in clinical psychology, physiological and functional treatments and speech therapy.

Professional training and habilitation:
This service strives to train and provide professional habilitation to young out-of-school or marginalised girls and boys in various fields selected according to the job market needs, such as beauty care, hairdressing for women and men, hotel and restaurant, electricity and IT service.

Women empowerment:
This program targets marginalised and disfavoured women and provides them with training in various fields and professions with a view to develop their abilities and prepare them to create their own business through micro-credit projects or to enter the job market.

Senior citizens club:
The Senior Citizens Club offers regular hosting sessions to valid elderly persons and offers them cultural, intellectual, social, sports and leisure activities and programs to occupy in a useful and pleasant way their free time.

Early intervention with children with disabilities’ mothers:
This program of functional development has been practised on the ground by the Social Welfare Institutions since 1994 and applies foremost to children with disabilities’ mothers with a view to help them accept and integrate their child’s difficulties and provide them with the necessary capacities to raise and educate their child, through in-house visits, due to the vital importance of family home for the disabled child.