Hasbaya Al Arkub Social Centre for Care and Development

Looking over Suk el Khan plain, the Centre is located at the intersection of Hasbaya and Marjeyun cazas, close to Arkub cities and villages, at the centre of Wadi Abu Qamha, in the vicinity of Jisr al Shaq’ah, where Al Fardis and Hasbani river meet, in a region most famous for the harmonious coexistence of its multiple cultural and confessional components. 

After its structure building completion in early 2008, the Centre started its activities in June and initiated its services destined to people with disabilities in October of the same year.

Within reach of the neighbourhood and its people

Since more than 80 years ago, when it used to welcome Hasbaya, Arkub and Marjeyun’s children, some of which have reached prominent positions in numerous domains, the Social Welfare Institutions – Dar al Aytam al Islamiya (SWI) have established and maintained excellent ties with the neighbourhood and its people. It must be noted that, during the Israeli ennemy occupation of Shebaa farms and Kfar Shuba and Kfar Hamam hills in 1967, the SWI granted to the neighbourhood candidates preferential access to jobs within Dar al Aytam al Islamiya and its institutions. Moreover, given its geographical situation at the core of the region, the consideration conferred to the people’s needs, the optimal relationship with the local public institutions and the surroundings, the work and volunteer opportunities provided to the local graduates, students and pupils, the Centre’s good standing has been consolidated and its widespread popularity with the people in the region further deepened.

The centre services:

Day service:

-          Handicraft training for people with disabilities: this program aims at habilitating and training people with disabilities by means of social, academic and self-sufficiency functions enhancement and development in various fields, such as glass and mirror engraving, pottery painting, weaving and recycling, within the beneficiaries’ abilities, with a view to reinforce their self confidence, boost their natural capacities and encourage them to find a position on the job market and achieve financial autonomy, as part of their inclusion into the community.


-          El Aman family support service for underpriviledged and socially disadvantaged women: this program offers moral and psychological care as well as material support, within the Centre’s possibilities, to widows and divorcees.


-          Working Mothers’ Children Care Services: the care services provide help and support to the working mothers, and ensure psychological steadiness to help them increase their work productivity and provide for their family material needs. The care services further promote the children education and their mental and physical capacities development and prepare them to enter primary school. It is to be noted that the care services operate all year long through time schedules compatible with the mothers’ working hours.


-          Empowerment program: this program is not limited to women and includes services intended for several population categories regardless of age and gender.

Within this framework, a number of workshops have been recently created in various fields such as interior decoration, beauty treatments, dressmaking, word processing in order to eliminate computing illiteracy. Furthermore, language courses and awareness classes are given by local citizens on cultural and general health issues.


-          Senior citizens club: offers to its members internal activities such as encounters and panel discussions organised by Al Omr al Madeed with a view to create and enhance communication between its members and overcome isolation and loneliness feelings.


-          Specialised therapeutic applications:

1.         Physiological treatment: destined to children with physical and mental disabilities.

2.         Psychological treatment: either in a one-on-one or group therapy basis, provides a better apprehension of reality, conscience enhancement and psychological balance strengthering.

3.         Speech therapy: for children whether suffering or not from specific disabilities.


Summer activities: provided by the Centre during summer in order to offer relaxation moments, cultural oppenness and self_expression awareness to beneficiaries of all ages.