Al Muntada for Environment, Research and Training

After its foundation in 1933 within the premises of Dar Al Aytam Al Islamiya premises in Tariq Jdide, Al Muntada institution has strived for some time to serve the community and host the public at the occasion of important events and celebrations.

Due to the lack of public venues in Beirut at that time, Al Muntada hosted a number of entities, until 1970. As a member of the Charity Foundation, the institution participated in the social growth momentum at the local, national and regional levels. In 1987, its headquarter was transferred to Wardieh, in the district of Ras Beirut, a prestigious cultural and social neighbourhood, and historical area home to universities, public institutions and embassies as well as high street stores, companies and banks.

Al Muntada has succeeded in investing its public interest campaigns in favour of common welfare, to support the most deprived communities in particular.

Main services:
1.    The scientific circle: puts forward general purpose humanistic causes as well as themes regarding thought, research and social progress.
2.    The exhibition hall: to show art and heritage works, handicraft, national products and Social Welfare Institutions beneficiaries works.
3.    The forum: provides a meeting space to host encounters and organisation of social interest help.
4.    The communication centre: for the promotion of regional and international relations.
5.    The charity group: to promote and support humanitarian work and sponsorhip.

Following an interruption of its activities, Al Muntada centre is in the process of resuming its mission in the near future.