Ashghaluna Centre

In 1984, a group of volunteering ladies met around the theme of marginalised and underpriviledged, visually impaired and incapacitated women, and decided, in accordance with the Institutions’ aims, to create the «Friends Committee» in order to support these women and to provide them with a worthy life opportunities for themselves and their families.

After its launch from the volunteering ladies’ homes, the Committee’s activities moved successively to the Al Omr al Madeed Club then to the Al Muntada Centre premises, and finally permanently settled in Ashghaluna Centre an annex to Al Zaher Headquarters’. The current Centre building comprises a permanent exhibition hall and a sewing and embroidery workshop as well as a reception hall with a garden to accommodate for ladies teatime gatherings.

Services Provided By The Centre:
1.    Marketing and Sale Of The Following Products:
- Wooden objects manufactured by the Institution for the mental development children suffering from retardation.
- Straw objects manufactured by the Complex for the development of human capacities visually impaired children.
- Food products prepared by the widows under the Committee supervision.

2.    Sewing and Embroidery:

This section is dedicated to the habilitation and training of widows and divorcees in the sewing, embroidery and cuisine fields, in order to give them the best chances to provide for themselves and their children within their families.