Jadra Centre for Welfare and Development || Foundation Hajj Nizar Chucair and family

Jadra Centre for Welfare and Development was founded in 2015 thanks to the genererous contribution of Hajj Nizar Chucair, further to the integration of the previous Wadi al-Zayneh Centre (established in 1998 in the city of Sibleen at the threshold of Iqlim al-Kharrub, thanks to the generous donation of Mrs. Siham Chucair, Mr. Nizar Chucair’s spouse).


Dispensed services:

The Centre provides services to 600 beneficiaries including orphans, people suffering from mental disabilities, widows, divorcees and disadvantaged families through three care departments: day-care, family and programs for the development of human environment.


Day-care services:

-                      Education and care provided to people with mental disabilities: destined to 3 year-old to 13 year-old children suffering from light, medium and severe mental disabilities and strives to provide them with education habilitation by means of specialised academic training using methods adapted to each individual case, and other support and help programs such as awareness rising programs to the beneficiaries’ rights and duties, social integration program and artistic gifts enhancement.

-                      Nursery for working women’s children: with a view to promoting the women social role, this service takes care of their newbord to 4 year-old children, whether with or without disabilities,and prepares them with the appropriate methods to enter elementary school. It further provides reception and child care facilities to up to 9 year-old children during their daily mother’s working hours and school holidays.


Family services:

-                      Early intervention program: is a care and development program principally destined for mothers in order to help them accept their child disability and integrate it in their daily life, to train them in order to be able to educate their child through in-home visits, the family home being the ideal place for the child development.

-                      Al Amane program for women empowerment: this program rescues and supports the widows and their children financially and morally, and helps the mothers getting over the head of family and main source disappearance drama and undertaking the daily life responsibilities. Further, it helps them recover their balance and enhance their role in the community through actively participating in the economical, social and cultural development thanks to guidance and training of their capacities towards a long-range fruitful and constructive job.

-                      Social care program: this program comforts the deprived populations by offerint them material help and development programs to help them resolve and get over their social and family difficulties.


Programs for the development of the human environment:

-                      Enforcement of the family capacities program: aims at helping all the family members to access social, cultural, educative and sanitary growing awareness and an efficient consumption management.

-                      Family planning program for young couples and parents: arouses the concerned people awareness to a healthy and preventive birth control through the appropriate means and a modern vision of the family development taking into account the moral environment evolution and involving an active participation of the father.