Inclusion & Diversity

Servicing programs offered to individuals who have physical, intellectual, or developmental disabilities. These services and programs aim to provide those individuals with the support and resources they need to live independently and participate fully in their communities. We assist them with daily living activities, provide medical care and therapy, and offer vocational training, education, and socialization activities to help individuals develop their skills and abilities for a fulfilling life.
Our Prograns incorporate a set of social integration programs specially designed for people with difficulties, which are implemented with the family’s assistance, whether nuclear or extended, and the community. Such programs include a whole range of field activities with a view to promote the right to be different, the acceptance of the beneficiaries capacities as part of equal rights for all without distinction. Our programs include:

Social Integration Programs

  • Reverse integration program:
This program gathers all kinds of disabled people with non-disabled, on the basis of the children’s rights to an educational environment ensuring equal rights and breaking out their isolation, including them in schooling establishments and into the community, to help them move forward and interact with other children. The integration process is based on the assessment of diversities, individual mental and intellectual abilities, to ease and harmonize the differences between the same class beneficiaries. The program also includes strategies to support beneficiaries with hearing impairment
  • Integration & Support Program: 
This program aims to integrate individuals with sensory, motor, and learning disabilities into high schools, universities, and vocational education programs. We work closely with educational institutions to provide our beneficiaries with the necessary resources to achieve their goals, including support attendants during exams, transportation, and training on assistive technology. We also offer advice and support sessions, as well as organize activities to enhance communication and information sharing between integrative learning centers. Our ultimate goal is to provide equal opportunities for all individuals to pursue their academic and vocational aspirations.
  • Awareness Programs: tackle the rights and obligations of intellectually challenged individuals, promote humanistic values such as discipline, responsibility, mutual respect, and fair play through scouting, and provide proper sexual education through storytelling and puppet shows. 
  • Empowering through Creativity and Life Skills
Arts and Crafts programs are designed for beneficiaries who cannot integrate into the labor market due to health reasons. In addition to life skills training for those who are lightly and moderately intellectually disabled, and includes household tasks such as easy homemade pastry.

Therapeutic Services:

  • Speech therapy: Our centres provide care services to individuals with hearing impairment or difficulties, as well as those with cerebral palsy and learning difficulties. We offer speech therapy services and have developed our assessment procedures to ensure the best care for our beneficiaries.
  • Physiological therapy: We provide physiological therapy to individuals with disabilities, adapting our services and architectural environment to meet their specific needs. We also provide counselling on potential corporal damages and participate in various research programs.
  • Functional therapy: Our centres offer a special exercising program to promote sensory and mobility skills, and has participated in the modernisation of qualification listing and architectural activities.
  • Psychological therapy: We provide psychological treatment and orientation guidance to improve behaviour and well-being, either in a one-on-one or group therapy basis, for a better apprehension of reality, conscience enhancement and psychological balance strengthening.


Overall, the goal of care and training services for people with special needs is to promote their independence, dignity, and well-being, and to help them achieve their full potential.

Social Justice

Child Protection, Gender equity, Dignity for the elders

Housing & Care

Support for orphans and people suffering from extreme poverty


Empowering Youth through Education and TVET

Inclusion & Diversity

Supporting people with physical or mental disabilities


Providing medical & mental care to vulnerable people

Livelihoods & Food Security

Sustainable Living for Underprivileged Communities